INTERVIEW: Phyllis Theroux On Writing A Journal From The Heart

December 14, 2010

Pamela Burke of “The Women’s Eye” website tracked Phyllis down after reading The Journal Keeper.  She writes:

“Phyllis Theroux is a rare writer’s writer, a title reserved for those special people who are revered by their peers.   She’s an essayist, author , teacher, and natural story-teller who goes right to the heart of everything she writes.  Her new book, The Journal Keeper, is a personal memoir penned during six years of her life.  She takes on all of life’s ups and downs in such a relatable and introspective way that the book becomes your friend. 

I was fortunate enough to meet Phyllis at Book Passage, a bookstore in Marin County, California.  She was speaking to a group about the wonder of the journal–”a flashlight” as she called it. 

I’m a big believer in journals and found Phyllis’ so engaging that I had to track her down to learn more about her genius for words and so many other things.  She answered the phone at her “Writer’s Cottage” in Ashland, Virginia.”

Read the full interview on The Women’s Eye.


  1. Marjorie Miller

    A voice from the past: From Nightwriters/Spanoccia around 1999-2000, I guess,one of your exceptionally crazy groups! I would love to be able to email you or send you a letter. I am writing!!!!…and would like you to know what I have accomplished (modest acconmplishments) and to catch up with you. Discovered you book ar Barnes & Noblre and was very excited that I maight have a chance to “talk” with you again.
    phone #:302-644-1040
    Address: 36087 Tarpo Drive, Lewes, DE 19958
    Best, Marjorie (Miller)

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